For employers

As a seasoned human resources (HR) director, my personal area of interest is gender diversity and specifically, how I can make it easier for businesses to encourage and support more women to return to work after maternity or adoption leave and to move into leadership roles.

Diversity has always mattered – but now, it feels to be an increasingly important issue, not only morally, but because diversity has proven to significantly impact financial performance and business success. It increases innovation, creativity, employee satisfaction, loyalty and dramatically widens your talent pool.

Here is what I offer to support you in these areas:

Supporting maternity transitions

  • Maternity transitions coaching – a one to one coaching programme for mums returning to work
  • How to manage maternity transitions in your team – a workshop for managers
  • Project based consultancy around how you work with your employees who are parents

More details here.

Supporting your leaders

  • One to one leadership coaching
  • Manager training workshops

More details here.

Inspiring conversations

I also speak at events – about maternity transitions, flexible working and leadership – inspiring others to think differently. If you’d like me to join you for a team lunch chat or company away day, get in touch.