Maternity transitions coaching

The maternity transition period is the moment a woman falls pregnant or secures adoption through to 9 months after she returns to work. It’s a time of major and continuous change for women.

Maternity transitions coaching is designed to support your employee through this challenging, sometimes tumultuous, time and enable her to return to work with confidence.

It helps you to retain your high performing female talent in motherhood. The value and support she feels from you will positively impact her performance, increase her engagement and loyalty, and reduce her absence levels. It can save you time and costs relating to recruitment and the bedding in of new staff. Retaining female talent is also critical to supporting gender diversity and inclusion, which is proven to significantly improve creativity, innovation and most critically, financial business performance.

About the coaching

The exact focus of the coaching will vary depending on the individual, their personal circumstances and the role they have in the business. However, we typically discuss:

  • Her career ambitions and how you can both stay engaged with this while she’s off;
  • How you’ll communicate during her maternity leave and how she may stay connected with the business (her clients, the industry) while she’s off;
  • How she’d like to return to work and whether this will work for the business;
  • How she’ll manage childcare and last minute child sickness;
  • Her strengths and skills to bring back any lost confidence as she returns;
  • How to overcome any challenges that emerge on her return to work;
  • And more.

The programme structure

The programme is structured to support your employee throughout their maternity transition. The exact schedule is flexible to suit the individual and a typical programme includes:

  • 1 x 90-minute sessions prior to maternity leave starting
  • 3 x 1 hour sessions during maternity leave
  • 1 x 90-minute session within the first month back to work
  • 2 x 1 hour sessions up to 9 months after she has returned to work
  • Up to an hour of additional time to use as she wishes during the maternity transition, for example, email support or a short phone call

Your investment

The full programme costs £1,800.

If you’d like to offer this to one of your team, please get in touch here.