Supporting maternity transitions

It’s a real challenge having highly talented and valuable people leave the business for long periods of time. But it doesn’t need to be stressful.

I’ve recently surveyed over 200 women to understand how we can better enable them to return to work after becoming a mum through pregnancy or adoption. I’ve also spent over 20 years working as a senior leader in HR and absolutely get the business challenges of maternity leave. And I’ve seen first-hand, the positive commercial impact of backing Mums to return to work

Bringing my expertise and experience together, I can help you to better manage maternity transitions – whether it’s about support navigating the law, working out how to enable more flexible working or you simply want to do more to support women during the maternity transition, I’ve got something for you.

How I can help

Maternity transitions coaching

An individual coaching programme delivered face to face and with video conferencing. I work one to one with your mum to support her through this time of major and continuous change for women. Coaching is a way to positively impact her experience and significantly improve her performance and well-being as she returns to work. It also enables you to maintain and strengthen your relationship with her, supporting a smooth transition back to work after maternity or adoption leave.

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Managing your team through maternity transitions

A group training workshop designed to provide your managers with the tools and confidence to handle maternity transitions in a positive and motivating way. With this support, mothers return to work from maternity leave feeling confident and loyal and you retain skilled, experienced and knowledgeable employees.

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Specialised and bespoke advice and project work focused on how you think about and work with parents in your business.

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