Personal coaching

Is your brain constantly buzzing? Are you feeling tired and stressed? Are you caught in the ‘cult of busy’? Are you a shadow of your former self? Are you always asking, “Why me?”

Coaching supports you to change all this.

It helps you to create the life less ordinary. A life where you’re truly fulfilled, with real job satisfaction, great relationships and the work-life balance that’s right for you in a world where boundaries are increasingly blurred and expectations are sky high.

I work with women who want to turn things up a notch, at work or at home. Women who know they’re capable of more but feel too cluttered with stress and worry from their life to achieve it.

In the past I have helped clients to:

  • Become more confident and have self-belief
  • Work out ‘where next?’ from the career crossroads
  • Work out how to balance career ambitions with home life
  • How to develop the precious ability to say ‘no’

And through our work together, I have watched my clients become:

  • More decisive
  • More self-aware
  • More emotionally aware
  • More confident
  • More creative
  • More fulfilled

And much much happier.

How it works

All personal coaching is a one-to-one relationship and a journey. I typically work with clients over a period of six months, meeting as much as you need and want. We’ll agree at the beginning what you want from the coaching and together we’ll start the journey to get it.

Before any coaching starts, we’ll talk together about you and your goals. I’ll also share anything more you’d like to know about me. If I’m the  right person to support you then we’ll arrange to start the coaching.

My coaching typically happens over video call although I’m happy to discuss face-to-face coaching or coaching on the phone.

Your investment

Coaching is an investment of time and money and I promise you won’t regret either. My two most popular packages are:

  • 4 x 1 hour sessions – £525
  • 6 x 1 hour sessions – £675

With all my packages, you can be in touch while we work together to get all the support you need form me. If I have tools or resources that I think will help you, I’ll share these with you too.

If you’d like to find out more or get started, call me on +44 (0)7789 555626 or get in touch here.