Return to work feeling confident and happy

I believe it’s possible to have a career and be a mum and have a very happy life. The first step is your return to work after maternity or adoption leave. This transition is significant – a big deal – and it can set the tone for everything to come. 

This course will help you work this out. You’ll get a clear understanding about what you want from work and how this will fit with your new family, give you a confidence boost and ensure you have everything in place to go back with a bang.

It’s hard enough going back to work after a short holiday let alone after six months or a year of maternity or adoption leave. Add in a life changing event and an utterly dependent human being and things reach new heights. A hotbed of emotion (as if the past year or so haven’t been enough of a roller coaster) and logistics akin to flying to the moon and it quickly feels pretty overwhelming.

I know, I’ve been there. I’ve also heard from over 200 women who have told me their stories. And I coach women one-to-one, supporting them through this major transition. It’s not easy. The good news is that there are ways to make it easier. You can boss going back. You can be in control and feel confident and happy to be back. 

Over four modules, I’ll show you how. 

Here’s the course outline

Module 1 – Design your work life

We’re all individuals and work will mean something different to each of us. Also, what work means to you will probably change over time, just as our life does. This can be exciting, it can be daunting. Either way, it’s in your control. This module is about getting clear about the role of work in your life right now, as you head back after your maternity or adoption leave. By the end, you’ll know:

  • What is important to you as a working mum
  • What work and career success is for you
  • What your ideal work-life balance looks like and how you can get it
Module 2 – Organise your home life

Your home life – the washing, food shopping, cooking, cleaning, walking the dog, buying birthday presents, organising parties and the rest. This is a full-time job in itself and when we go back to our paid job, this stuff all still needs to get done. And I’ve not even mentioned the most important part – finding time for you and your friends. This week, you’ll:

  • Acknowledge everything that needs to be done and everything you want to do outside work
  • Work out how you can manage the juggle and importantly, how you make time for you
  • Make a plan to put the support in place and create routines to make your life easier
Module 3 – Say good-bye to mum guilt

Our dear friend mum guilt; brought on ourselves – ‘it’s my fault if he …”, “I’m damaging her health by” and brought on through society – “you’ll never get this time back”, “you can’t have it all”. It’s time to quieten the guilt and begin to accept and value the choices we make. In this module, I’ll talk to you about what mum guilt actually is and I’ll show you how you can overcome it. You’ll:

  • Identity what you feel guilty about and why
  • Develop your own self-compassion practice
  • Practice ways to say farewell to your mum guilt
Module 4 – Return to work with confidence

For many of us, being on maternity or adoption leave knocks our confidence. This is a strange reality given it’s a time when we’re being our bravest, most resilient, most caring selves; building skills and experiences second to none. This week, we’ll reconnect to your brilliance and prepare you to walk back into the office the superhero woman you’ve truly become while you’ve been on maternity or adoption leave. You’ll:

  • Complete exercises that will build your confidence
  • Create boundaries that you want to maintain at work and at home
  • Plan the weeks before and after your return to work date

How the course works

  • This is an online course which runs over 4 weeks
  • Each Thursday I’ll send you an email introducing you to the topic of the week
  • You’ll have exercises to complete and questions to contemplate
  • You’ll make decisions and take action
  • Every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm (GMT) I’ll host a group coaching session, which everyone is welcome to join. This normally lasts around 1.5 hours.
  • I’ll be available on email throughout the course to support you
  • You’ll be able to join a closed Facebook group only available for people who’ve completed the course

How much it costs

The 4 week course with weekly group coaching costs £145.

A self-paced course without coaching is coming soon.

If you’d like me to support you one to one with your return to work, you can buy additional individual coaching.

How to get involved

If you’d like to do this course, drop me a note at and I’ll send you all the registration details.

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