What my clients say

About my coaching

Alice is a highly skilled and extremely personable coach who really gets to the bottom of what may be preventing you from moving in the right direction with your career. 

Alice will put you immediately at ease and will gently encourage you to come to your own decisions and then suggest some tools and techniques on how to progress.

Alice displays trust and confidence at the highest level and has an uncanny way of helping you realise your true potential and value in the work place. You walk away with a feeling of positivity and empowerment.

– Meredith, Broadcast HR Manager

Following a particularly challenging time at work, I had become a shadow of my former self both professionally and socially.  This general malaise fed into my initial scepticism about having coaching sessions, but the value gained has been vital to overcoming these problems and getting back on track.   

 I was given the support to help me address the issues myself and have been able to take back control.   It has helped me rediscover the confidence that had seemingly gone, as well as seeing how to manage the negative thought patterns that had come to overwhelm me.  This has helped me both in the office, and in relationships and friendships.

 Alice was assuring from the outset.  The sessions were open and warm, yet professional and productive.  I looked forward to them, as I came out stronger and with a better outlook each time.

– Sean, Brand Strategist

About my leadership training

It was a valuable session that will, I hope, enable me to support my team further and listen deeply to understand and empathise where they are coming from when they have issues. The feedback structures really hit home and I’ve already found them helpful to use. What we learnt is relevant for both work and life beyond – thank you!

– Katharine, Head of Account Management

The training was very enjoyable and informative. We were talking about our impact on others, as managers, which was very useful. It was surprising how much the tips and exercises are so transferrable to everyday life and relationships too. It was very relevant. Thank you!

– Anil, IT Director

I really enjoyed the session. It was like a crash course in counselling. It’s always good to be taught new things and I found it helpful to share my own and hear other people’s experiences of managing people. Your delivery was perfect and I appreciated how you allowed the interactions to flow.

– James, Design Implementation Director 

About my consultancy

Alice is an exceptional strategic human resources partner and one that I have turned to time and time again, initially when we both worked together at Landor Associates but then more recently with my own business Brandon Consulting.

I always look to turn to the people that I can implicitly trust, to not only get the job done but someone that can do it effortlessly and ultimately make my life easier.

Alice is one of those rare individuals who understands the world of brand design and how to impact business quickly. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough if you need an exceptional person to help your business grow through the people that you employ.

– Richard, Managing Director