Manager Training

Do you have a team of managers who aren’t managing? Have you picked the best performer and catapulted them into a management role without sufficient training? I’m here to help.

Managing others is a science and an art. It’s part innate and part learnt behaviour. Most people can be good at it with some help. A decent manager can have a hugely positive impact on individual well-being and performance. And that means a positive commercial impact on business.

About the training

All the training is rooted in research, psychological theory and first-hand experience to ensure it’s grounded and game-changing. It’s practical and thought-provoking and it changes behaviour. And it’s bespoke to you.

How it works

You choose what I teach from a range of different modules and together we create a programme that works for you and your team. Topics include:

  • The managers mindset and your ego states at play
  • Understanding basic human needs to create engagement
  • Building brilliant manager/employee relationships
  • Overcoming personal triggers and negative voices
  • Handling difficult reactions
  • Changing and influencing behaviours
  • How to flex your management style
  • Learning to let go and delegate

The investment

It all depends on what you go for Рhow many modules and how many managers you want to train. Prices start at £1,250 for a half day with 2 modules.

When your team trains with me they’ll walk away with more confidence, more knowledge, a commitment to change, a set of helpful, practical tools and a plan of action.

Want to get started? I’d love to hear from you – get in touch here.