Manager Training

Do you have a team of managers who aren’t managing? Have you picked the best performer and catapulted them into a management role without sufficient training? 

Over the years, I’ve observed huge numbers of people try to manage others. I’ve also worked in managerial roles – as a boss and as an HR person. And I’ve witnessed the spectrum, from watching some people blossom under their boss, to mopping up the aftermath of the disasters.

Too many have been at the disaster end of the spectrum.

Managing others is a science and an art. It’s part innate and part learnt behaviour. Everyone can be good at it with some help. And the impact is significant.M

I’ve developed a range of short training sessions suitable for anyone responsible for managing others. My training is rooted in research, psychological theory and first-hand experience to ensure it’s grounded and game-changing.

When your team trains with me they’ll walk away with more confidence, more knowledge, a commitment to change, a set of helpful, practical tools and a plan of action. For more details, please contact me.

If a deeper, more profound learning suits your managers or there are ingrained behavioural habits to shift then take a look at my coaching.