In life, we all make transitions; becoming an adult, getting our first job, changing career, having children, moving house, becoming a carer. In business too; a change in CEO, a new investor, a collapse in the market, employees joining, employees leaving.

And transitions are happening all around us too; just look at how politics, technology, the environment and society and culture are changing, every minute.

Often the transitions intertwine. Sometimes they collide. Whatever, every transition is a journey, long or short. A journey of change. And choices. Of courage and resilience. Of letting go and welcoming in.

I know we can’t always make these transitions alone and that sometimes, whether we want to admit it or not, we need help to make them happen. That’s my business. I support others to make transitions happen.

I always look to turn to the people that I can implicitly trust, to not only get the job done but someone that can do it seemingly effortlessly, and who can ultimately make my life easier.

Alice is one of those rare individuals who understands the world of brand and knows how to impact business quickly. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough if you need an exceptional person to help your business grow through the people that you employ.

– Richard Taylor, Managing Director

Alice is a highly skilled and extremely personable coach who really gets to the bottom of what may be preventing you from moving in the right direction with your career.

Alice will put you immediately at ease and will gently encourage you to come to your own decisions and then suggest some tools and techniques on how to progress.

Alice displays trust and confidence at the highest level and has an uncanny way of helping you realise your true potential and value in the work place. You walk away with a feeling of positivity and empowerment.

– Meridith, Broadcast HR Manager